Vemmabuilder - Don't Use The Vemmabuilder System Until You Read This Review

Published: 05th January 2010
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Vemmabuilder is in fact a pretty good system, but over 90% of its users from Vemma are using this system in a VERY INEFFECTIVE way and they are only ending up spending a lot of time and money on something that really isn't very efficient for their business.

If you are a Vemma distributor one thing you must understand is that your success in Vemma has nothing to do with Vemma itself or a presenting system like Vemma Builder.

Vemmabuilder is just a machinery and if you do not have the right knowledge aquired to use this machinery the right way, you are going to make anything from using it.

Your primary job is to get as many people as possible to watch your presentations in this system. Good web pages are of no good use if no one actually sees them.

You have 4 possible ways of getting leads into your Vemmabuilder system, and you need to learn the one way that are actually effective.

One: You can invite your friends and family members to take a look at your site. This strategy is something that works for someone, especially when you're just starting out,, but the majority of people will not get a lot of results doing this and it will give much better results to doing other strategies.

Two: You are able to buy lists of people's contact information which are put into Vemmabuilder for you. This is NOT a recommended strategy. First, it is going to be expensive as each leads may often cost several dollars a pop, but more importantly, these random people have absolutely no clue who you are at all.

Three: Do online marketing and advertise your Vemmabuilder presentation pages directly. This is also NOT a recommended strategy. These prospects have, as mentioned in the prior point, no clue of who you are.

This fact leads us over to the 4th and right way of using the Vemmabuilder system.

There persons that are out there online looking for a new business to join aren't actually that interested in what your products are or what kind of payout system your company has, which is the stuff Vemma builder is presenting for them.

Actually, these persons are searching for a the right leader to team up with; a person that have the right knowledge and skills to help them to get to that next level in their business and their life that they want to get to.

And if they stumble across this leader it doesn't really matter which company he or she is associated with, be it Vemma or something else. They will team up with that leader because of who that person is, the LEADER that can finally show them how to succeed in this industry, and not because of some cool new twist to a compensation plan or some new energy drink or juice the market hasn't seen before.

For this reason you will not experience success with using Vemmabuilder as the first thing your prospects see.

You will be much better off using a more generic marketing system first, a marketing system that brands YOU as that leader people out there are looking for and shows them that you are someone they ought to do business with. Not because you are in Vemma, but because of who YOU are as a person and because you stand out from the crowd.

Then, after the prospects have gotten to know who you are, you could lead them to a company overview through Vemmabuilder or with some other system, and you will convert a whole lot more people that way.

Truly, this principle is the main difference that separates the top performers from those people who are not able to make anything at all in this industry.

When you learn how you should grow your business around YOURSELF as a person instead of just your Vemma opportunity, and you are able to position yourself in front of your prospects as the leader they are looking for, you will literally rise from zero to hero in Vemma overnight.

Find the system that can do that, together with also teaching you all the marketing training you need to drive traffic to your site and also make you able to earn money off of all the people that aren't going to join you in your Vemma business anyway, and you will put yourself on the fast-track to success with both Vemma and your Vemmabuilder system.

To learn how you can attract over 50 targeted leads to your Vemmabuilder System every single day, head over to the highly effective Vemma Marketing System right now and receive free marketing training worth $94 just for looking.

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