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Published: 15th January 2010
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There are a lot of people publishing Tony Rush Reviews on the internet but this one is written with a little different angle than all the rest. Most reviews are either created with the goal of having you join the team Tony Rush is working with or they are published by someone who is pointing their finger at Tony for them not succeeding in their own companies.

My goal with this Tony Rush Review though, is to offer you a third party viewpoint on this network marketing authority and the material he teaches from a BUSINESS point of view, so that you can decide for yourself if you ought to follow what Tony is teaching.

Tony Rush has over the past years risen to the very top in a top tier direct sales company named Polaris Media Group (former Liberty League International). In fact, there are some rumors out there now that Tony has actually quit PMG, but I have as of this writing not been able to verify that information.

I don't personally feel much for top tier opportunities like Polaris Media Group, but that's really not the focus of this article. All I have to say is that I don't feel much like paying $20,000 for a personal development event with the same information I can get for one tenth of the price anywhere else, and I also really enjoy building huge residual "drink-out-of-a-coconut" income in my business ventures, rather than only earning sizable one-time commissions, but this is just my personal opinion.

Just be aware to do your proper research if you are contemplating becoming a part of Tony's organization though (if he's still growing it), and be absolutely sure that you understand that it is actually going to cost you more than $20,000 to maximize the company he is involved with if your goal is to make a significant income for yourself.

Anyway, what's new about Tony Rush right now is that he is on the verge of launching a new system named "The Underground Entrepreneur" together with other top producers like John and Shannon Lavenia and Gene Braxton.

Here they are going to teach the internet network marketing techniques they have used themselves to grow their immensely successful business ventures over the last few years in form of a newsletter that will cost you $47/month. It will be sent out in set intervals and also archived so that everyone can review previous issues.

Tony Rush is an absolutely fantastic guy, and all of these guys really know what they're talking about, BUT I absolutely advise you NOT to join his newsletter, though, and for very good reasons!

To learn exactly why Marius Ystenes would not join the newsletter mentioned in this Tony Rush Review and also see how you can get online network marketing training valued at $194 for FREE, head over to Marius' more in-depth Tony Rush Review on his personal website right now.

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