Most Melaleuca Reviews Are Full of Sales Pitches - This Melaleuca Review Gives You The Unbiased View

Published: 07th January 2010
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As I am not in the company myself I am able to provide you with a 3rd party Melaleuca review without the sales pitches, and give you the exact knowledge you need in order to succeed in an opportunity like this.

I coach Melaleuca distributors on how to become successful in their Melaleuca business, thus I know first-hand how this company operates from both a product viewpoint and the business aspect of it.

The question you are most likely asking yourself as you have found this article is whether or not you can earn any money with the business aspect of Melaleuca.

Everyone who wants to can buy the $90 starter kit and start their very own Melaleuca business. You then get your very own websites to sell the products through, and you will earn a commission on every product you sell. By finding other people who wants to build a business off of this opportunity as well, you will earn a commission off of everything your team does also.

The answer to the question above is that you can most definitely earn good money through the Melaleuca business opportunity.

The majority of people involved with Melaleuca don't make much money though, and there are some very good reasons for this.

Almost everyone who get involved with network marketing obviously forget that it is not called just "networking" but rather "network MARKETING".

The normal destiny of a new Melaleuca representative is as follows: They start their business with great enthusiasm and spirit and they write down a list of everyone they know and asks them if they can present their products and opportunity for them. This might result in a few sales, but most often this doesn't result in anything significant and the person then gets frustrated and quits.

What is missing in the equation here is the real MARKETING KNOWLEDGE to be able to put your products and your business opportunity in front of the right people; people that are actually interested in the products and solutions you have for them.

Sadly, Melaleuca is not doing a good job of showing their marketers how they should market their business the right way, so you will have to venture out and find these solutions yourself.

There have never been a better time building your own home business just like Melaleuca though, and once you locate the right attraction marketing system together with the right REAL marketing training, you will be able to create a highly lucrative business for yourself and your family within a very short amount of time.

To see the Melaleuca Marketing System a lot of successful Melaleuca distributors are using to explode their businesses and also how you can get access to marketing training valued at $194 for free, head over to Marius Ystenes' more extensive Melaleuca Reviews right now.

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